Alejandro Carrera

A little bit about me.

Senior Developer

Virtual CTO & Senior Developer

I help companies and other startups to boost their digital presence and developments. I created more than 50 websites, architecture design, rollout strategies and big web applications.

2018 - Present

Python Flask Redis ElasticSearch HTML5 JavaScript Docker

Senior Python Freelance

Personal Brand

From development to architecture design. My primary focus lies in understanding your specific needs, proposing the most efficient solution, and ensuring its successful implementation.

I provide custom-tailored, high-quality digital solutions, transparent communication, timely delivery, reliable post-launch support, and smooth knowledge transfer, empowering businesses to achieve their strategic objectives.

2021 - Present

Python Flask Redis ElasticSearch HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 Stripe Shopify Docker Amazon Web Services

Virtual CTO

KIRI Technologies

From scratch the development of the entire KIRI platform with Marketplace as main client and Infrastructure.

Iterating to maximize the automation of the platform and reducing friction between partners and KIRI with integrations for the users' coins generation.

2022 - 2023

Python Django FastAPI PostgreSQL Redis RabbitMQ Adyen Okta Kubernetes Amazon Web Services

Senior Developer


Involved with the Purchase Experience (Checkout and Insurance).

Generating the maximum revenue from the customers with A/B testing and pushing new features for KPIs.

2020 - 2022

Python Django PostgreSQL AngularJS Redis RabbitMQ Verifone Salesforce Docker Amazon Web Services

Senior Developer


Involved especially with the Revenue and Operations.

Management of all the platform and revenues generated via licenses, physical devices and digital products.

2019 - 2021

Python HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 PHP Docker Salesforce Google Ad Manager Google Cloud Platform

Senior Developer


Collaborated RevOps to enhance services and boost ad profitability.

Enhancement and migration from single scripts to Google Cloud Platform generating over $1M/month in affiliate links.